Friday, July 19, 2024

About CascadiaCurrent

Welcome to the CascadiaCurrent: Where the Salmon Swim Upstream and the News Goes Sideways

Forget everything you "know" about news. At the CascadiaCurrent, we're not here to regurgitate press releases or spoon-feed you talking points. We're here to stir the pot, tickle the funny bone, and maybe even offer a glimmer of hope (wrapped in a satirical banana peel, of course).

Think of us as the Sasquatch of the news world, lurking in the evergreen shadows, ready to pounce on absurdity with a witty quip and a healthy dose of skepticism. We're the voice of the majestic bald eagle, soaring above the fray and cackling at the ridiculousness below. We're the mischievous raccoon that pilfers your stale bread and leaves a shiny satire gem in its place.

Who runs this wild zoo, you ask?

We're a motley crew of misfits, caffeine addicts, and professional cynics with a shared love for puns, puns, and more puns. We've got investigative squirrels, poets disguised as lumberjacks, and a social media team fueled by fermented kombucha and existential dread. Together, we navigate the muddy waters of the Pacific Northwest, from the quirky coffee shops of Seattle to the rain-soaked forests of Portland, sniffing out the weird, the wonderful, and the downright hilarious in everything from politics to pop culture.

What can you expect from the CascadiaCurrent?

So, grab your rain boots, put on your flannel shirt (preferably ironically), and dive into the wild waters of the CascadiaCurrent. We promise it'll be a wild ride, full of laughs, satire, and the occasional existential dilemma (but hey, that's just part of the Cascadian charm).

Remember, in a world gone slightly mad, laughter is the best survival tool. And we've got an arsenal of jokes sharper than a beaver's tooth.

See you on the other side, weirdos!